You win with your personality

A necessity for success

There is no such thing as a common recipe for success. But there are as many recipes as there are personalities.

In reality, to perform at a high level, you need to find « your way » of doing things. That’s not just a cool thing to do, that’s a necessity for success. And successful sportsmen and sportswomen all have clearly defined principles, philosophies and methods.

They have a consistent way of doing things. Looking at their craft, their game and their moves, you can tell it’s their work, their style. The result has taken the shape of the creator.

Make it your own, make it a process

That is these kind of traits that you want to develop but they do not show out of the blue. They are shaped through trials and error, by taking actions on them. A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

A good way to start on that way is by finding mentors. Athletes or other people that inspire you in a way or another.

As an athlete, you must work hard to develop your own philosophy, principles and methods. You can’t achieve anything great without them.

How do build this for yourself?

It’s a process. It takes time. You don’t just reflect a few minutes and write down your principles, philosophy and methods. You have to work on them and stress test them over time.

Once you’ve got your first set of principles, you get to work applying them in your trainings/competitions and see how they fit with your style and behaviour. If some of them don’t fit, remove them. Add things in if you feel like something is missing.

Over time you’ll have a clearly articulated and unique philosophy that separates you from the competition and gives you a dangerous edge.

How I did it

It’s taken me several years of relentless everyday training, failure, struggle, success and learning to finally arrive at a place where I have my own philosophy and my own personality.

Once you have one, everything becomes clear. Every decision is easier to make.

You simply run it through your principles and methods and the decision is done. It’s not what you want/feel the answer to be, it’s what the principles you defined tell you the decision needs to be. This changes a lot of things.

Do you want to see my evolution ?

If you want to check a few choices I took during my career, here is a selection of principles I go through competitions with:

  • Sense of aesthetics in body movement, control of general motion
  • Riding style: mix of muscular tonus (explosive) and smoothness of movement (lightness) together
  • Staying creative in competitions, open-minded spirit, finding better solutions faster than others
  • Sense of aesthetics in physical things: dresscode, logo, website, etc..

Even though I guess you totally understand what those mean, these values are personal ones and I strongly identify myself with these. They have been through a lot of testing and refining. As a result, they mean more to me than they mean to you or anybody else. Of course, you should not copy them but you should find your own principles and your own “way of doing things”. Find things that make you unique in your own way.

One of the most “visible” aspects of my personality, is my dresscode/style. Since it is the easiest to illustrate, I decided to put a few pictures together to show you the evolution of my dresscode and how I decided to show up at competitions. And in reality, it’s a quite important element that many athletes neglect.

It’s time to take action

  • Now, what actions are you going to take in order to find your own principles and values ?
  • How are you going to show up at your next event ?
  • With what mindset, what personal trait, which one of your strengths are you going to define yourself ?

The main goal of this identity definition, is to start from a weak personality and evolve into a strong personality as much as possible.

This is a crucial part to achieve high performance. So, with this article, you can start to build a stronger personality for yourself, starting today.