If you are interested to know more about what I do for a sport, how it looks, and to discover the challenges around that practise, here are a few videos I’d like to share with you.

This video shows part of my rehab after my shoulder dislocation in 2015, six months after I turned pro. It shows how I got back in the game to take part in the World Championships a few months after as well as my physical and mental preparation with my coach at the time. French version

This video is a more creative – but no less challenging – edit I made during winter in the worst conditions: cold weather, snow and ice.

The first video of “Team Ramdam” – a community of high performers.
More infos about the Ramdam history here

Check it out if you want to spend some time with me and my friends during our trainings in Spain.

After coaching a group of athletes, I took some time off to shoot a video of my personal trainings in a nice-looking part of Southern France.

Here’s a short edit I made in Corsica