World Champion Thomas Pechhacker joins the Ramdam Community

Defeating the domination of the last decade

Something happened last year. Something incredible. After more than 12 years of spanish domination, Thomas Pechhacker, from Austria, became the 2018 Elite Trials World Champion. I know Thomas for several years now. His kindness is as impressive as his massive amount of power and his extraterrestrial skills on the bike. His improvement has really been extreme during these last few years.

More than a victory, he has defeated the domination of the last decade.

Joining the community & high-level teamwork

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be his mental coach and that he’ll join the Ramdam Community to be even better and improve his game.

I’ll also join his team and work together with my good friend Karol Serwin who’s done an amazing job with Thomas for more than 3 years now. He takes care of Thomas’ physical work and provides a general support during the whole season like few others. Karol is a high-level trials rider and I remember competing in the Top-10 with him 😉 I’m happy to jump on that boat !

Quick talk with the champ

Let’s talk about this thrilling collaboration with Thomas:

What are your ambitions for 2019 ?

Thomas: My main intention is always to have fun riding and to enjoy what I’m doing. Whether it’s on or off the bike. Athletically, my goal is to win the overall world cup this season and to defend the world title. Moreover I want to focus on making projects. There is a few things in my mind – it’s going to be interesting.

What do you expect from Jérôme ? How do you feel about that collaboration ?

Thomas: I know Jérôme for a few years now. We’ve always talked a lot about how to improve mental skills in sports and already back then he gave me really interesting inputs to think about. As a high level athlete, he can use his experiences and share his knowledge first hand. No pressure, but I expect quite a lot from that collaboration 😉

What changes would you like to establish in 2019 ? Any resolutions ? Any exciting projects ?

Thomas: Last year already I’ve focused increasingly on the mental aspect to get better in competitions and to achieve my goals. The mental coaching was one point which I wanted to establish. That’s why that cooperation comes at the right time for me. 2019 will be a year of consolidation but also one of new adventures.

If we talk short term, what is your next 3 months going to be ? Any exciting things in perspective ? Trainings, preparation, off-season ?

The next months will be full of training and traveling – from the heat of South Africa to cold Denmark. In the meantime I will also get the bikes from my new sponsor which I’m very excited about.

Thanks for your time and trust Thomas, now let’s make the best of it !

To your success !

Here’s his last video with his rainbow jersey: