The subtleties of goal setting

Goal setting is a very important part of any result achievement. Whether it is in sports or in other fields in general. If you don’t already have goals in your life, you should plan to have some as soon as possible (seriously).

But keep in mind that there is a good and a bad manner for it and you can get tricked in that game.

Too ambitious and impersonal

A common mistake I see athletes doing is setting goals that are too high for them in the short term.

The majority of the time, these goals are not related to their current level and skills. And they are not personal. They are very often related to other athletes skills who are better than themselves. And it’s their ego which is telling them to aim for the same, regardless of their current position, skills or ranking.

Don’t get me wrong, it is good to have ambitions and to aim high in the long run, but it is counterproductive to be delusional and aim too high in the short term. Here’s why:

The problem with aiming too big too fast

The main problem with such a mindset is that you will enter a negative loop of action-result-failure every single time. And you will get frustrated every single time because your goal is too difficult to achieve and you end up never getting it. This is a negative loop. It impacts your confidence and results in a decrease of performance.

Your goals need to be step-by-step oriented goals which you can achieve in a short amount of time. So you’ll be able to gain confidence, grow you performances and aim for more after that. By doing so, you build on a positive loop of action-result-success. It is a rewarding process that make you grow.

In other words, you can reach for big things long-term, but make it small and really attainable in the short term. This will create a positive momentum you’ll benefit from.

Remember that aiming too high first thing is an illusion. It never works.

You’re a national average competitor and want to be World Champion by the end of the year ?

Let me ask you this:

You’re a national middle-size company and you want to grow into a company like Amazon within a year ?

If you want to go big, that is a good thing. But plan accordingly for it. And goal setting is part of that plan. It’s your small steps, every little action taken every single day that will take you to the highest heights.

Climbing Mount Everest ? No problem, just remember you’ll have to take A LOT of small steps to do so.

Enter a positive loop of goals-actions-successes with confidence rather than entering a negative loop of goals-actions-failures with self-doubt.

Make it personal

In order to be fulfilling, goals need to be personalised. They need to mean something valuable to you and not just “look” good on paper.

They can be results or metrics (objective goals) but they can also be other more humanised objectives such as following you training plan, overcoming a fear or smoothly performing a specific move (subjective goals).

Keep in mind that if your goals aren’t personal, neither will be your results.

More than just goals, make it a whole mindset

What I ask my student to do, is to implement their goals into a whole mindset training. This training is detailed, clear, efficient and produce results because it is rehearsed on a daily basis. By doing so, it make them move forward. And it makes you go much faster.

Goals should not just be an nice idea of a possible future that look sexy, otherwise it will just end up as being a wish. Nothing more.

It should be a precise daily action plan for a step-by-step process of growth.

So, what are your goals for 2019 ?