The Power Of Mentors

Another brick in the wall

Mentors are a very powerful force that drives human performance.

Just like scientists who improve their skills based on past researches from their peers, athletes are inspired to do better than their idols.

They see what is possible for them and beyond. They want to build on what has already been built.

Our individualistic culture has forgotten about it all. Athletes have a social role to play, it’s not only about themselves.

They have to “add another brick in the wall”.

Nothing is ever static

Some see mentors just an “inspiration”, a picture on a magazine, a poster in a bedroom.

I prefer to see them as a driving force, a living proof of an ideal persona. A motivation to get to work and do better.

Nothing is ever “static” in this world. It’s a human illusion. It’s all about “who you are becoming”. Things are forever “becoming”, it never stops. Either you are getting better, either you are getting worse.

Mentors provide us an amazing opportunity to beat the past. That’s how you can create the future. To be inspired by them to do better. To materialize a vision.

If you are an ambitious athlete, having mentors is not just a “nice idea that sounds good”. It’s a necessity for optimal performance.

We’re all part of human history. Add your piece to the puzzle.

This video says it all: