Physically Fit, Mentally Fat

I hear many athletes saying:

  • “I go to the gym, I work very hard”.
  • “I do this, I do that. AND this. AND that…”
  • “All my work will eventually pay off”

The truth is, it might not pay off after all.

Since I’m personally always in a training or a competition environment, I talk to athletes after competitions. What I simply ask is: “How did the competition go ?”

Most of the time, it went bad. And right before answering my question, the athletes stare at the floor with a tormented expression on their faces, just like if they were ashamed of their performances.

Then, they come up with a vague answer:

  • “I don’t know why I did that mistake..”
  • “I don’t know why am I so inconsistent. I perform better during trainings !”
  • “I shouldn’t have that pressure on my shoulders, it’s stupid because I have nothing to lose.”

They don’t know what actually went wrong that day.

To me, it’s painful to see.

What I see is undertrained minds in overtrained bodies.

They think the problem is the circumstances of the day.

I know the problem is their training.

They are physically fit, and mentally fat.

I see athletes that spending 15 hours training for their sport and 10 hours training in the gym. Every week.

The problem ?

They don’t spend a single minute training their minds.

Then, they are wondering why things don’t go their way.

They’re wondering why they are inconsistent, why they do stupid mistakes, why they’re doubting so much, why they are overthinking, why they idealize others, why they are so anxious, why they compare themselves to others, why they cannot stop the chattering in their minds, and so on and so forth..

For sure, sports (and especially competition) is very hard. You have to train hard, and there’s no shortcuts.

But if you want to reach peak performance, you have to train the right things. And you have to be mentally fit.

If your mind is not fit, you’re not going to perform. Period. You’re eventually going to hit the wall.

The good news ?

If you want to start being mentally fit, develop championship mindsets and powerful training routines, I’ve worked hard to figure out a way to improve these skills and to make it available for ambitious sportsmen and sportswomen around the world.

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