Are You On A Hamster Wheel ?

There’s a problem with ambitious athletes.

Many sportsmen and sportswomen want to reach big goals.

They want good results so badly that it becomes an obsession for them.

They are so committed to their goals that they cannot rest.

They work hard for their sport and yet, the results are not satisfying.

And they feel really tired about it.

If they don’t work hard with their body, they work hard with their mind.

They never rest.

Our society tells us to do “more”. To possess more. To do more. To have more. To be more.

The so-called “virtue” of our society lies in this word: more.

But doing “more and more” is not a virtue. It’s not a good thing.

It’s bad. It’s killing you.

Here’s the worse part:

It kills your sports performance. It decreases your results.

The irony ?

It prevents you from having the thing that you actually want.

You end up not reaching goals at all.

You train a lot, without moving forward.

You are on a hamster wheel.

Your hard work is not paying off.

During important events, you make mistakes. You underperform. You stress out. You feel that heavy pressure on your shoulders pulling you down. You cannot show up with your training level during competitions. You make bad decisions. You can even eventually burn out if you do “too much” for too long.

Others are making it.

You aren’t.

The truth is:

I’ve been there.

You should not train harder.

You should do less. And start to train smarter instead, find a good balance.

Less quantity, more intelligence.

It’s not something nice that I tell you to make you feel good.

It’s a necessity for success.

Do you want to stop running on a hamster wheel ?

Do you want to start performing on the way to the top of your game instead ?

I have good news.

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