Are You A Blind Pilot In A Sports Car ?

Try to picture yourself a sports car.

And in that sports car, there’s a pilot. 

But the pilot is totally blind.

In other words, the car is super fast. 

And the pilot is not up to driving. At all.

He/she is clueless and doesn’t know what to do (and when to do it) to win the race because he/she is blind. 

I compare this situation to the athlete’s situation:

Athletes are trying to get fitter, faster, stronger.

Training longer. Training harder.

And it is important.

Having a strong/fit body is like having a sports car. It’s necessary to reach peak performance.

But they won’t go anywhere if the pilot in the car is totally blind.

They’ll drive straight into the wall and crash.

Of course, the pilot is their mind.

The mind commands everything. Every part of your body is controlled by the mind.

Yet, the majority of athletes continue to do nothing about it. They are secretly wishing that the pilot will sooner or later, start seeing again.

They crash, underperform, panic, burnout, experience unnecessary pain. They’re just not ready for the challenge.

During big events, competitions, tournaments & games, the pilot is simply too weak. 

He/she is totally blind, clueless.

The irony ?

Others athletes with a shitty car finish ahead of them. Because their pilot is better.

I often hear complaints like these:

“He is so lazy, how can he ends up being at a better ranking than me ?”

“She has a lower level than the one I have (in training). Yet, she’s able to make better results. How ?”

Simply with a better pilot.

I see many athletes or ambitious performers investing time and money on their sports car.

Worse, they are putting all of their focus on the car. They cherish it and they believe that the car is everything.

And they completely ignore the pilot.

The only time they question themselves about that damn pilot, is when they “have to” be ready for important events.

At that precise moment, they wonder why in the world this pilot is never ready when needed. 

It’s my turn to ask you a question:

How do you want a pilot to be ready if you don’t train it ?

It just won’t happen.

I see athletes taking wrong roads over and over again, wasting time on stupid stuff.

I’m currently working really hard to create a training program so you can train that pilot.

I’m working my ass off so you can transform your blind pilot into a super-fit one. In here, you’ll be able to train your mind to win against your competition.

It’s going to change the game for you, just as it changed the game for me.

It’s called the Mental Performance Accelerator.

This training is going to be released in a few days only. So stay tuned.

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