What If You Could Perform Steadily At Your Highest Sports Level During
Important Events ?

Become the best athlete you can possibly be and start performing on top of your game with mental superpowers.

Get Better Results By Training
The Right Things

Most athletes wonder why they don't perform the way they should during important events.

Here are common athletes' sayings:

  • Why am I so inconsistent in my athletic performance ?
  • Why am I unable to thrive under pressure and why do I feel trapped when the stakes are high ?
  • Why do I doubt myself so much ?
  • I always tend to overthink. Why ?
  • Why do I idealize others like that ?
  • Why do I make stupid mistakes that I never do during trainings ?
  • Why am I so anxious ?
  • I always compare myself to others and devaluate myself. Why ?
  • Why can't I stop the constant negative self-talk going on in my head ?
  • Why do I lack focus and concentration ?
  • How can I prepare for big tournaments/tryouts/games ?
  • and so on and so forth...

What do I see here ?

Undertrained minds in overtrained bodies

When things don't go their way, many athletes tend to think the problem is the circumstances of the day or any other external force. Personally, I know that the problem is their training.

I see athletes training many hours for their sport and in the gym. The problem ?


They don’t spend a single minute training their minds.

Start to be mentally fit to beat your competition !

Sports - and especially competition - is very hard. You have to train a lot, and there’s no shortcuts.

If you want to reach peak performance, you have to train the right things. And be mentally fit.


If your mind is not fit for the job, you’re going to underperform.


You’re eventually going to hit the wall.


If you want your hard work to finally pay off, you need to stop focusing only on your physical skills.


You need to start training your brain to do hard things to reach your goals.


Mental Performance Accelerator

Product Overview

You'll learn step by step how to optimize mental performance, get into the "zone", build a better version of yourself, get into highly-efficient training routines, prepare big events & become unstoppable.


Module 1 - From Knowing To Managing Yourself Entirely

Use strengths and overcome weaknesses. Set goals properly and plan efficiently. Know yourself better. Useful tools to become a greater athlete


Module 2 - Ultimate Guide To Building A Better Version Of Yourself

Start building a "stronger you". Recognize your "weak side" and learn to fight it. Meet your core self and empower it. Write your success story in stone


Module 3 - Groundbreaking Performance Principles

How to perform stress-free, let go, focus and enter the "zone". Break mental blocks and stop overthinking. Learn how the mental game works


Module 4 - High-Level Training Routines, Schedule & Balance

Gain self-confidence & reach consistency by applying daily mental routines, pre/post-competition routines. Manage your scheduling & balance your life. 


Module 5 - Playing At Your Best

Thrive under pressure. Push your limits to go beyond your expectations. Train smarter, get ready for battle & make greater plans for victory.


Module 6 - Increase Results By Using This Training In A Positive Feedback Loop

Have fun at the highest level and play at the top of your game. Build long-term success out of this training. Gather feedback, implement graft-modules.


Bonuses - Linking Mind & Body + Extras

Get extra resources and valuable advice to get your sports career off the ground. Bonus: Breathing techniques, cold & warm exposure benefits. 


Support & High-Level Community - Get The Help You Need

Ask questions about the training and get results faster with our support and our high-level community. We provide you with the help that you need.

Too Many Athletes Are Confused About What's Going On In Their Heads

The result ?

Lack of performance - frustration - anger - negative emotions - fear - low confidence.

And it shouldn't be that way...

I think this situation is purely unacceptable.


Ambitious athletes, regardless of their sport, need to be rewarded for their efforts, not punished.

They need to train smarter.


That's why I've build this online training course called Mental Performance Accelerator.

This training program helps athletes all around the world to make the best out of their craft and help them perform at the level they deserve: the best version of themselves.

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Jerome Chapuis // Mental Coach & Former Pro Athlete

My name is Jerome Chapuis and I've been performing in sports competitions (national & international) for more than 23 years. Now I help athletes reach peak performance through mental coaching.

I'm a former pro athlete and I spent these last years digging into the mental side of the game like no one else. Instead of relying on books and theory, I experimented methods during high-stake competitions and stressful environments to improve my coaching. 


During my career, I've always wanted to give everything I could to reach the best version of myself. I wanted to be at the top of my sport. To be part of that high-level athletic community.

Unfortunately, I've been misled by coaches for too long. I've been overtrained and burnout several times. I've underperformed for years. I know better than anyone how hard it can be to reach peak performance consistently at the highest level and I understand how it feels to train really hard and not get the results you want.

At a certain point of my sports career, I understood that hard work not always pays off. That's when I started to focus on my mental training. And then, I started to win. It totally changed the game for me.

Since then, I've been Elite National Champion, World's Elite Top-8, I won 3 international medals and more than 15 national medals. To my surprise, I'v won an award for one of my most successful seasons to this day.

With my lifelong expertise, I now help others raise their game so they can reach their goals and become a high-performing athlete.

Jerome Chapuis

Athlete Of The Year Award, ACCV, Switzerland

Join A Community Of High Performers

Here's what they say about this course

I have learned a new method to deal with some of the mental issues that I sometimes have had during a competition. I got to test the method with a positive result. I think Jérôme can help athletes improve performance both in competition and training situations. I would recommend his coaching to people who feel like they need that little extra to perform at their 100%.

World Cup Top-5

Jérôme has a lot of experience and he can correct whatever problems I had. He has helped me become more mentally resilient in competitions. He helped me focus only on what I can control during a race.

National Top-3

At the mental level, I gained a lot of self-confidence with Jérôme. He made me train mini-competitions during trainings which had a big impact on my competitions performances. Jérôme has the ability to see details that others don’t see. He can drastically help you improve your mental and physical game.

National Champion, World's Top-10

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee up to 14 days after purchasing the course. If you don't get mentally tougher by the end of the course, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

Jerome Chapuis

Reach Your Full Potential By Training Smart

You'll dive into the world of your mind, how to grow "mental muscles" & "mental stamina", how to break mental blocks, prepare yourself for battle & eliminate fears.

  • 100% ONLINE

    Access the course content anytime & anywhere to make your life easier. You get one FULL years access as an added bonus, which means you get free access to any training updates as the year unfolds & you master mindset.


    You'll feel right at home knowing that you have access to high-quality video content, downloadable worksheets & tools for you to maximize your results in no time.


    You'll be thrilled to know that each comprehensive lesson & module builds upon the next, which means you won't get overwhelmed trying to learn everything at once.


    Overwhelmed at the thought of achieving peak performance & reaching your most ambitious goals ? Don't be ! Mental Performance Accelerator is designed in an easy to digest & easy-to-apply way so you can achieve peak performance fast.


    We make peak performance even easier to achieve by giving you the tools you need to make lasting changes in your life so you quickly increase your level & enter the "zone".


    This program has been refined and tested with some of the best athletes in the world. From World Champions, to World's Top-10s, & national competitors, we have selected the best and most efficient trainings only.

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